Hmm: A French Film Released Last Year Depicts Muslims Rioting After a Teen Was Killed by Police

Some will say it’s a coincidence. Others will attribute it to “predictive programming.” I believe the French movie “Athena” released last year simply put on screen a scenario that has always been likely when imbalanced multiculturalism is forced upon a western nation.

The current riots in France are literally burning down parts of the nation. They were prompted by the police killing of a 17-year-old Muslim boy, Nahel M. What started as protests in the beginning of the week has escalated to what some are calling a mini-civil war.

“Athena,” available on Netflix, begins with the police beating of a Muslim teen that resulted in his death. While one brother calls for peace, another brother rallies his Algerian-French brethren to begin an insurrection in their French city. Riot police are called in to stop the violence and things escalate out of control of the government. Buildings and cars are burned. Fireworks are fired at police. Bystanders are harmed. So, pretty much what’s happening in cities across France today.

The biggest difference between the movie and what’s happening in real life is that the movie reveals the “police” who beat the boy were actually right-wing extremists trying to exacerbate racial unrest. Because of course that’s what movies today want everyone to believe.

Here’s the trailer:

Okay, so maybe there’s a chance this is predictive programming after all.

The combination of massive migration from Muslim nations combined with radical leftist policies from Emmanuel Macron’s government has created the perfect conditions for what we’re seeing today. The only question is whether this is an unfortunate unintended consequence of the Globalist Elite Cabal’s plans for Europe or if everything is moving along right on schedule.

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