The Worse It Gets in France, the Less American Corporate Media Is Covering It and We Know Why

When the initial protests started in France over the death of “French George Floyd” Nahel M, a 17-year-old Muslim killed by police, corporate media was all over it. But in recent days as the protests turned into riots, then full-blown insurrection (the real kind, not the J6 false version), corporate media suddenly has many other things to cover.

What happened? It’s obvious. Open borders and forced multiculturalism have been exposed for their inevitable outcomes and American corporate media doesn’t want us to see what’s in our future.

Here are a few videos detailing the carnage. Keep in mind, I have censored the truly heinous videos that are out there, videos that show people being tortured and dismembered in the streets of Paris. I also have not verified that these are all from France this week; it’s common for old videos to reemerge and get rebranded as current.

This is awfully coordinated for a spontaneous event.

It isn’t just violence. Strange chaos is afoot.

Gun control isn’t working.

No place is sacred. No place is safe.

First responders aren’t safe, either.

Public transportation is done.

At least one bus got away… sort of.

And it’s not just Paris.

America corporate media is barely covering any of this. It’s the biggest news in the world right now as a major western nation literally burns, but the narrative isn’t convenient. The truth gives us a glimpse at what the Globalist Elite Cabal has planned for all of us, so they’re keeping it quiet.

Here’s CNN’s homepage right now:


I couldn’t zoom out enough to get to the one and only story about the riots on their homepage. That story asks the question, “Is it safe to travel to Paris right now?” Even in their “coverage” of what’s happening, they ask a ludicrous question in hopes that people might think it couldn’t be that bad if CNN is asking about it. It’s like asking if it’s safe to stab yourself in the eyeball right now. No, it’s not.

Fox News is covering it, but even their report is milquetoast. It fails to mention the victim was Muslim or that the riots are directly tied to Muslim migrants. It also doesn’t highlight any of the root causes of this mess:

French Authorities Deploy 45,000 Police Officers as Fourth Night of Unrest Looms

In preparation for the anticipated fourth night of riots following a fatal police-involved shooting of a teenager during a routine traffic stop, French officials have mobilized 45,000 police officers and armored vehicles across various cities, including Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Strasbourg, and Lille.

The incident that sparked these widespread protests occurred in the Nanterre suburb of Paris when a 17-year-old named Nahel M. was fatally shot by the police. The entire episode was caught on video, leading to an eruption of unrest throughout the country.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin provided an update on the situation, revealing that 270 individuals were arrested on Friday night alone, bringing the total number of arrests to 1,100 since the protests commenced.

In Marseille, rioters raided a gun store, managing to steal some hunting rifles but leaving the ammunition untouched.

Expressing his concern, Marseille Mayor Benoit Payan took to Twitter, urging the French government to dispatch additional troops, emphasizing that the “scenes of pillaging and violence are unacceptable.”

In response to the escalating situation, Darmanin requested that local authorities halt bus and tram services after 9 p.m. He further emphasized that the deployment of 45,000 officers is underway, acknowledging the critical hours ahead and expressing confidence in the unwavering efforts of the country’s firefighters and police officers.

When questioned about the possibility of declaring a state of emergency during a TV news interview, Darmanin stated, “We are not ruling out any possibilities, and the decision will be made by the President of the Republic after evaluating the situation following tonight’s events.”

Corporate media is ignoring the crisis in France because they cannot find a way to get around the fact that it was caused by a massive invasion of Muslim migrants taking advantage of the weakness of radical leftist policies.

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