Globalist Puppet Biden Echoes the Prescribed Narrative_ 'I'm Very Confident in Dr. Fauci'

Globalist Puppet Biden Echoes the Prescribed Narrative: ‘I’m Very Confident in Dr. Fauci’

There was an opportunity that opened up for the White House to distance itself from Dr. Anthony Fauci. The disgraced pharmaceutical patent bureaucrat (who is barely a doctor) had emails leaked in multiple tranches this week revealing just how duplicitous, self-serving, and anti-science the most “trusted” doctor in the White House really is.

All Joe Biden had to say was… nothing. He was already on his way out of a room in which he read from a teleprompter. Mainstream media won’t press him on why he rarely answers questions and he cannot really be understood the few times he does answer, so nothing would have been made of his departure. Instead, he turned around and stuck his head back into the White House press room to answer the question, “Do you have confidence in Dr. Fauci?”

His reply, which was met with fawning chuckles from the puppet press, was, “Yes, I’m very confident in Dr. Fauci.”

Lest we forget, Fauci isn’t one of “Joe’s Guys.” He was inherited from the previous administration, so dumping him now for someone more qualified would make sense. In light of the bombshell revelations from the email drops, nobody would hold him in a foul light if he said, “We are looking into Dr. Fauci’s history with the previous administration at this time.”

He could have said, “I’ll tell you when we’re done digging deeper.”

He could have said nothing.

Instead, he intentionally answered the question with the worst possible message, that he and his administration still back the doctor despite the unambiguous lies he’s told the American people.

When a friend asked me yesterday if Fauci was done, I said it all depends on who he has dirt on and who else he can take down with him. Now we know that the list is large and likely gets pretty close to the top.