The Most Trouble Thing About the Fauci Emails that Few are Mentioning

The Most Troubling Thing About the Fauci Emails that Few are Mentioning

With multiple releases of email tranches to and from Dr. Anthony Fauci, we’re learning definitively a wealth of insights into the thinking of government agencies, the White House, and healthcare professionals during the first few months of the Wuhan Flu pandemic. Some of the things we’re learning are merely confirmations of what many already believed. Others are bombshell revelations that shine a light on how self-serving and manipulative Fauci really is.

But through it all, there’s a common theme that continues to get ignored. So much was apparently known by Fauci and many others in and out of DC, yet we’re only learning about it all today and only because of the leaks. How is it possible that nobody spoke out before now?

There are two answers to this. The first, smaller answer is that the few people who tried to speak out were quickly silenced. There was a concerted effort to keep a lid on “gain-of-function research,” for example, especially as it pertained to U.S. government agencies working with the Wuhan Virology Lab. Silence on such topics was implied to the hundreds if not thousands who were fully aware of our government’s complicity and those who didn’t catch onto the implications were quickly told what not to say.

The second answer is far more nefarious. The degree of misinformation and disinformation out there, particularly in the first few months, was so vast that keeping it successfully under wraps would have required a coordinated Herculean effort. It should have been impossible with the sheer number of people “in the know” on such things, yet here we are over a year later finding bombshells that are far too numerous to list. Here’s just a sample of important information that was successfully suppressed:

Those are four of literally dozens of bombshell revelations we’ve learned in the past couple of days. Some will say, “But we knew these things” from reports on whatever small conservative news sites were willing to publish them, but the wholesale truth was kept away from the vast majority of Americans. Mainstream media is obviously to blame in part. Most stories got ignored. Some of the stories that went against the prescribed narrative were intentionally covered up, such as the truth about asymptomatic spread. The most egregious displays of disinformation pertained to treatments with mainstream journalists on both sides of the political aisle panning Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin. Remember when a prominent Fox News host, Neil Cavuto, declared that HCQ would literally kill people?

But mainstream media couldn’t have pulled this off alone. There were simply too many DC- and healthcare-insiders for this information to be kept under wraps without the use of the “three B’s”: Bribery, Bullying, and Blackmail. Where were the whistleblowers explaining how America’s Frontline Doctors were right all along about treatments? Why did nobody within the DC/Healthcare circle point out that asymptomatic spread was practically non-existent? Most importantly, how did they get the entirety of the DC/Healthcare cabal, which encompasses thousands of insiders with thorough knowledge of the events leading up to the pandemic, to remain in lockstep regarding the ludicrous theory that this all started with bat soup?

In this case, the conspiracy theorists have been very much right. The dark secrets that surround the understanding, treatment, and origins of Covid-19 have been buried by all other than a handful of intrepid but small journalists and the doctors who have spoken out. And in just about all cases, those of us who have spoken out have been discredited, humiliated, and oftentimes had our livelihoods taken away.

If the conspiracy theorists have been right about all of this, are they also right that this is a pathway to The Great Reset and the intermediary goal of depopulation? Was all of this intended to get us to take the “vaccines” in an effort to have full control over everyone? Those are the theories that have been floating around since before the vaccines were created and nearly everything government has done since then lends to their validity. What’s scary is these theories have been propagated side-by-side with other “conspiracy theories” like the virus originated at the Wuhan Virology Lab or that asymptomatic spread was a lie or that HCQ is effective but being suppressed or that the WHO is working with Fauci’s people to keep it all under wraps.

For those who didn’t catch on, every “conspiracy theory” that tagged along with the depopulation theory has panned out as being proven or at least very likely true. What if it’s all true?

Those of us who have never put on tinfoil hats before need to consider getting in on the “fringe.” It wasn’t too long ago when I wouldn’t really listen to what sites like Infowars, Natural News, or The Gateway Pundit said. Today, they’re my first visit in the morning (after TLD, of course) to see what’s really going on. I still don’t believe Paul McCartney died in the 1960s and was replaced by a doppelganger, but I’m becoming increasingly convinced that government is made up of powers and principalities bent on insidious goals.

It does not behoove us financially to speak about taboo topics like these. There’s a reason why so few have stepped forward with the truth, and all who did so have experienced hardships as a result. But the truth is the truth and it must come out.