'Fully Vaccinated' Congressman Troy Nehls Catches Covid, Experiences Symptoms

‘Fully Vaccinated’ Congressman Troy Nehls Catches Covid, Experiences Symptoms

There’s a reason the CDC stopped reporting on “breakthrough cases” of Covid-19. The numbers demonstrate the inefficacy of the injections they’re pushing tenaciously for people to accept. All we have available to us are the anecdotal reports when “important” people announce that they’re among those who have been conned into thinking they were safe.

The latest came over the weekend when Republican Congressman Troy Nehls announced he made the list. According to Fox26Houston:

The former Fort Bend Co. sheriff shared on social media that he had come in contact with a close family member on Wednesday, who also tested positive for COVID-19. And despite being fully vaccinated, Nehls contracted the virus himself a few days later. 

“I’m experiencing moderate symptoms but I am fully vaccinated and hope it passes soon,” Nehls said. “I have been quarantining at home and will continue to do so for at least the next 10 days.” 

This comes nearly a day after Gov. Greg Abbott recently shared his own recovery from COVID-19 just days after getting the coronavirus. 

The congressman also added that while he respects everyone’s decisions in getting the COVID-19 vaccine, encouraged residents to get the shot.

“All Americans are free to make their own health decisions, but I strongly encourage getting vaccinated. It is scientifically proven to drastically reduce the risk of severe illness & [sic] death from COVID,” Nehls added. “You may still get ill, but you’re much less likely to be severely ill or hospitalized if vaccinated.” 

Democrats, Republicans, it doesn’t matter. They’re all reading from the same script. “I got Covid despite being vaccinated, but be sure to run out and get yours if you haven’t already!” If you feel like the world is going insane, it’s because it is.