Trucker Convoy GiveSendGo

Freedom Convoy 2022 Raises $3,000,000 in Two Days on GiveSendGo . . . And It Could Have Been Much More

At the time of this writing, the Freedom Convoy 2022 fundraiser is just under $3 million on GiveSendGo. Nearly 30,000 donors have contributed to the cause dedicated to helping truckers in Canada continue their protests against medical tyranny.

The move to GiveSendGo happened after GoFundMe, the largest crowdfunding site, shut down the fundraiser there after raising over $10 million. They distributed $1 million to the organization, but after complaints by the Canadian government they shut it down. Initially, they were going to distribute the money to “approved charities” but after massive blowback they decided to refund the money to the donors.

Much of the $3 million collected has come from large donors, including an anonymous donation of $215,000. Several donations of $20,000 have also helped reach the milestone. The goal is currently set at $16 million to cover fuel and living expenses for the truckers who are currently involved in the ongoing protest.

It could have been much more. Intermittent outages have plagued the site since they took on the Trucker Convoy fundraiser. This is due in part to a DDOS attack, but also because the site has been flooded by people wanting to donate to the truckers. We’ve encouraged those interested in donating to remain diligent and return to the page later if it’s in a down period.

The fight for freedom manifests in many ways, but the trucker’s convoy has captured the attention of millions despite propaganda and gaslighting by corporate media. GiveSendGo has stepped up. Will others follow suit?