GoFundMe Truckers

GoFundMe Panics, Switches to Automatic Refunds After Calls for Disputed Charges

Community “charity” fundraising company GoFundMe demonstrated they’re woke and fascist at the same time by canceling the Freedom Convoy campaign and promising to send the $9+ million raised to “approved charities.” Now, they’re scrambling to fix the PR nightmare that ensued by moving to refund all donations.

The company had hoped that by dropping the news late on a Friday that they’d avoid some of the backlash. But it was quickly seized by conservatives across social media as an example of the totalitarian nature of the left. We didn’t let them oppose freedom without voicing our opinions and pushing to make them feel the pain.

But maybe it wasn’t just the backlash that got them to change their minds. As Christian competitor GiveSendGo noted on their social accounts, disputing the charges does more pain to the company than simply requesting a refund:

The company has their own version of the Trucker Convoy fundraiser. It’s getting so much attention that the site is having intermittent outages, but is approaching $1m raised in just a few hours nonetheless.

Companies that bow to authoritarians in government must be shown that their actions have consequences. GoFundMe opposes freedom. Anyone who does not hate freedom needs to move their fundraisers to GiveSendGo.