Harrison Floyd

Former Trump Aide Harrison Floyd Set Up by Weaponized FBI, New Bodycam Footage Shows

(Discern.tv)—It’s no secret the Federal Bureau of Investigation is in the business of manufacturing “criminals,” not catching the real ones. Entrapment and manipulation have become their primary tools of choice and their targets are invariably patriotic Americans who pose a threat to the UniParty Swamp’s agenda.

Harrison Floyd, a former Trump 2020 aide and a co-defendant in the Georgia case against multiple patriots, was arrested and charged with assault in what seems to be a crystal clear example of authoritarian abuse.

According to conservative activist Collin Rugg:

FBI thugs fail to present their credentials and hunt down black Trump campaign aide Harrison Floyd at the direction of Jack Smith.

If only they treated Epstein’s associates like this.

In the video, Floyd, who called 911, tells Rockville officers that the agents, who didn’t identify themselves, approached him while he was holding his 2 year old daughter.

Floyd tells the officers that the agents rushed him and started touching him and his daughter.

“I did not push. I did not shut. I didn’t touch… I need to let my lawyer have a further conversation with you guys.”

Floyd was later arrested for second degree assault.


Here’s the bodycam video of Floyd recounting the incident prior to being arrested:

As journalist Mike Cernovich noted, this appears to be a setup:

Did the FBI agents identify themselves before drawing guns? This looks like a set-up. They wanted to assassinate the black Trump supporter, and make it look like he attacked them. Fortunately local police wear body cams. The FBI refuses to wear body cams

These incidents are going to continue until true reforms are enacted in the Department of Justice. The FBI seems to be corrupt beyond redemption. Defunding and disbanding the Bureau may be the only viable option.