Tania Fernandes Anderson

BUSTED: Libs of TikTok Exposes New Anti-American Boston Lawmaker, Forcing the City to Act

(America First Report)—Chaya “Libs of TikTok” Raichik has built a strong reputation of exposing wokeness across America. From transvestite haters to indoctrinating school teachers, Raichik pops videos on social media that show how bad some elements of the United States really are.

One of her latest targets was new Boston Councilor Tania Fernandez Anderson. During the city’s swearing in ceremony, Anderson can be seen conspicuously not acknowledging the oath required for new lawmakers.

Raichik posted about it on Twitter:

Meet Boston Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson (@Tania4D7), a radical activist and an immigrant from West Africa. During her swearing in, she refused to repeat the oath and raise her hand. She hates this country and constitution.

She previously offered resolutions for 9/23 to be “Boston’s Hijab Day” and for Boston to apologize for the Atlantic Slave Trade.

She also has a history of anti-white racist tweets where she complains about white people holding government positions.

She married a convicted murderer while he was in prison for life.

She referred to the Oct 7 attacks as simply a “military operation.”

She hates America.


With the exposure, the City of Boston was forced to react.

According to Boston Herald:

Boston City Councilor Tania Fernandes Anderson was told to retake the oath of office after a video showing her not saying the words or raising her right hand during Monday’s inaugural ceremony went viral on social media, the Herald has learned.

The Herald arrived at City Hall at 9 a.m. Thursday, where City Clerk Alex Geourntas was on hand to swear Fernandes Anderson in for a second time. The District 7 councilor told the clerk at roughly 3:15 p.m., however, that she was not coming into the office, and would let him know if she would be there on Friday.

The clerk had been told by Fernandes Anderson’s staff at approximately 11 a.m., and then again shortly before 1 p.m. that she was on her way to the building.

Fernandes Anderson was instructed by both City Council President Ruthzee Louijeune and the city’s law department to retake the oath, both verbally and in writing, a City Hall source told the Herald.

This is an embarrassment for the city and a wake up call for voters who may or may not have realized they put someone in office who hates them and will likely work to harm them as much as possible. But the most important outcome of this is that we now know who to watch closely because Anderson will likely be granted the status of “rising star” in the Democrat Party. That’s just how they roll.