Former NFL Coach Tells Woke Ron Rivera “Keep Your Mouth Shut”

When Jack Del Rio mentioned the “summer of love” and January 6, he didn’t use the accepted narrative of BLM-Good, J6-Bad. This made many leftist snowflakes angry, including Washington Commanders Redskins head coach Ron Rivera. He fined Del Rio $100,000 for his comments.

At least one former NFL head coach isn’t happy with it. Jeff Fisher had a message for Rivera. According to OutKick:

While Del Rio has received condemnation from media personalities like Ian Rapaport, he has a defender in Michigan Panthers and former NFL head coach Jeff Fisher.

Fisher ripped Rivera’s choice of words, expressing personal disappointment in him and skepticism that the statement was even written by Rivera:

“But, you know, on first glance, I was a little disappointed in Ron [Rivera], you know, I was teammates with Ron. And for him to come out and just as like some speechwriter wrote his statement and it’s not true.”

Jeff Fisher on OutKick The Tailgate

Importantly and accurately, Fisher pointed out how little the truth seems to matter in our current environment, suggesting that if you don’t know the truth, it’s best not to speak about issues at all:

“There were not deaths beyond, you know, like he mentioned, you know, and I’m not I don’t mean to bring up to the Capitol in January, but there weren’t deaths. And he put that in the statement. And so I just think, you know, going back to dad’s, just tell the truth. And if you don’t know it, then keep your mouth shut.“

Jeff Fisher on OutKick The Tailgate

He also decried the current trend, popular amongst modern corporations and apparently the Washington Commanders, of issuing inaccurate statements to try to placate the demands of the 24-hour news cycle:

“Take a deep breath and figure out what the truth is and be truthful and honest and not, you know, trying to benefit from. You know and maximize from these created narratives that people are throwing out there. And they’re unjustified.”

Jeff Fisher on OutKick The Tailgate

Rivera’s statement contained numerous inaccuracies and misrepresentations, whitewashing the deaths and destruction that erupted throughout the country in summer 2020.

If more people spoke out against wokeness, perhaps it could finally be ended.