Royce White

Congressional Candidate and Former NBA Player Royce White Shares UFO Video From Minnesota

Royce White has been making headlines lately. The former professional basketball player is running as a Republican against Ilhan Omar for Congress, prompting attention as he nails the Democrat for her hypocrisy and radical tendencies.

Now, he has something new to share. Here’s a video he captured of strange lights that some believe may be a UFO:

I’m not saying it’s aliens… but it could be UFOs. It’s certainly the most bizarre thing I’ve seen in my life — Besides that drag stripper show for the little kids in Duluth, MN. What a wild thing to watch in person! It really doesn’t do it justice with the phone but hey… #UFO

Strange things are happening in Minnesota. Ilhan Omar is just one of them. The rise of radical lefism, drag queen story hours, and now UFOs… are they all connected?