Recharge Your Immunity

FDA Gaslights Americans With Ludicrous Analogy to Push Permanent Covid Jabs That #RechargeYourImmunity

The con is no longer being hidden. It’s fully out in the open. Any notion that the Covid-19 “vaccines” work like actual vaccines can be tossed out the window along with the remnants of the Food and Drug Administration’s fading credibility.

Those who were paying attention when the jabs were first rolled out likely remember the “lifetime” or at least “long-lasting” effects of the Covid jabs that were promised by people like Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky. But just like the original narrative that the jabs were “100% safe and effective,” the claim that they offer long-term benefits quickly came crashing down.

So, we had boosters. Then second boosters. Then more boosters. Now, they’re pushing “new” boosters. Fauci said we should expect to get boosters every year. Some have argued the jabs lose effectiveness after a few months so they’re discussing semi-yearly or even quarterly jabs. The insanity continues, and now the FDA has tried to equate getting boosters to recharging your cell phone batteries. Seriously…

The saddest part about this whole debacle is that there DOES appear to be long-lasting or even lifetime effects from the jabs, and they’re not good at all. More studies are coming out every week showing the jabs are doing immense harm to the immune system, blood, and organs of those who follow the FDA’s and CDC’s guidance.

Then, of course, there’s the fact that the most heavily vaccinated appear to be getting symptomatic Covid more often than the unvaccinated.

The truth is slowly rolling out. People are waking up. But the FDA and their puppet-masters in Big Pharma are busy changing the narrative to continue suspending disbelief in these experimental drugs that aren’t doing what they were intended to do… or are they?

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