White House Covid Response

Biden-Harris Regime’s Covid Team Invokes God as a Reason to Get Covid and Flu Jabs Yearly

The Biden-Harris regime does not respect our religious freedoms, especially if you’re a Christian. This is nothing new. But now they’re going so far as to invoke God when trying to make their pitch for us to get jabbed as many times as possible for whatever diseases they deem worthy.

Watch White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Ashish Jha go there:

If that wasn’t bad enough, here’s Anthony Fauci telling us to expect yearly Covid boosters just like he pushes the flu shots:

I, for one, will not be getting any needles stuck in my arm nor the arms of my family. God gave us two arms because He created us in His image. The powers-that-be are getting very desperate in their attempts to gaslight us into getting jabbed.

On today’s episode of End Medical Tyranny, I explained that it’s not just that he said it. It’s HOW he said. It was so nonchalant. It rolled off his blasphemous tongue like he was making conversation at a spirit cooking dinner event.

These people are evil. They know they’re evil. And they’re starting to let everyone know they’re evil because they don’t fear repercussions from the indoctrinated masses.