Shenna Bellows

Fascist America: Maine’s Secretary of State Shenna Bellows Unilaterally Pulls Donald Trump Off Ballot

Shortly after receiving the good news that he’ll be on the Colorado primary ballot, President Donald J. Trump received bad news from the state of Maine. Their fascist Secretary of State made the decision on her own to remove Trump from the primary ballot for the state.

According to the Boston Globe:

Maine’s Democratic secretary of state on Thursday removed former President Donald Trump from the state’s presidential primary ballot under the Constitution’s insurrection clause, becoming the first election official to take action unilaterally in a decision that has potential Electoral College consequences.

While Maine has just four electoral votes, it’s one of two states to split them. Trump won one of Maine’s electors in 2020, so having him off the ballot there should he emerge as the Republican general election candidate could have outsized implications in a race that is expected to be narrowly decided.

The decision by Secretary of State Shenna Bellows follows a December ruling by the Colorado Supreme Court that booted Trump from the ballot there under Section 3 of the 14th Amendment. Colorado is a Democratic-leaning state that is not expected to be competitive for Republicans in November.

Let’s be perfectly clear about something that corporate media keeps bringing up. They say Trump wouldn’t win in Colorado anyway. They’re saying he might get 1 electoral vote in Maine. None of that matters. This is an attack on our Constitutional Republic regardless of whether a state leans red or blue. Voters should have the final say and taking away their protected right to vote for eligible candidates is disgraceful.

Shenna Bellows is a mediocre person and a stain on our nation. Everyone in Maine, Republican or Democrat, should be appalled. The entire country should be.

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