Donald Trump

Trump Is BACK on the Ballot in Colorado

Following an appeal filed with the Supreme Court by the Colorado GOP, Colorado’s Secretary of State has decided to allow the candidate’s name to appear on the primary ballot. According to Fox News:

On Wednesday, the Colorado GOP filed an appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court after the state Supreme Court’s decision to remove Trump from the primary ballot.

Following the appeal, Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold announced that she will include Trump on the primary ballot on the Jan. 5 certification deadline, unless the U.S. Supreme Court affirms the lower court’s ruling or declines to take up the case.

The Supreme Court is expected to pick up the Colorado case as well as a similar case in Michigan.

Ballots are due to be printed in Colorado early next month, but the real deadline for a decision by the Supreme Court is January 20 when those ballots will be sent to members of the military. If a decision is later reached that Trump should not be on the ballot, it will open up an unprecedented scenario.

Griswold still holds that the decision by the Colorado Supreme Court to remove Trump from the primary ballots is the right one. By allowing his name on the ballot, some believe it’s a signal that Griswold believes Colorado ruling will be overturned by the SCOTUS.