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Everything About Suspected Maine Mass Murderer Robert Card’s “Suicide” Feels Wrong

The body of the man suspected of murdering 18 people and injuring over a dozen others was found by law enforcement Friday night. But instead of bringing closure, just about every aspect of the story prompts more questions because none of it seems to jibe. Let’s explore the inconsistencies and odd circumstances being relayed to us as the official narrative.

Before we begin, it’s important to note that I generally do NOT go down the “false flag” or “psyop” route on mass murder stories. It’s not because I dismiss the possibility of these incidents being manufactured. On the contrary, I am fairly certain many of them are. But unless a story sticks out like a sore thumb as having Deep State connections like the JFK Assassination or the Las Vegas Mass Murders of 2017, I know the chances of us getting close to the truth are practically nil.

In the case of Robert Card and the Maine Mass Murders, I believe the totality of inconsistencies and odd narratives makes it worthy of being questioned, discussed, and independently investigated.

Body Found in the One Place Police Should Have Been Watching the Most

Card’s body was found by police around 7:15 Friday night at the recycling facility where he was recently fired. There are conflicting reports about whether his body was found in a dumpster or a trailer. Either way it doesn’t match what we would expect from someone who had just committed a highly visible mass murdering spree before evading police.

If he wanted to die near his former employers, one would think he wouldn’t crawl into a dumpster or a trailer bed to do it. And if it was a dumpster as the initial local media report below indicates, this would be the first time I’ve heard of someone climbing into a dumpster before shooting themselves. On the other hand, it’s pretty common for bodies of murder victims to be found in dumpsters or hidden in trailers.

As a general rule, dumpsters and trailers are not easily confused with one another. Even though most corporate media are reporting his body was found in a trailer, it seems more likely that the local news reporter with local connections would have the more accurate report, especially when it’s probably that she didn’t get the memo from the powers-that-be about the official trailer narrative. The big question, of course, is why police wouldn’t be staking out the place that Card may have hated the most.

Two Gunshot Wounds to the Head, Then Story Quickly Revised

The first bit of news is not always the most accurate, but it’s hard to imagine someone miscounting the number of wounds to a suspect’s head. That seems to be the case with a report from Daily Mail yesterday that initially indicated two gunshot wounds to the head before the story was revised down to one.

Maine Mass Murderer Found Dead With TWO Gunshot Wounds to the Head . . . But the Story Has Now Changed

As some have rightly noted, it’s possible that a self-inflicted gunshot could create both an entry and exit wound. Higher caliber bullets at point-blank range can cause extreme damage, making it challenging to determine the sources of wounds without thorough examination by the coroner. Still, the obvious implication here is that if there were two gunshot wounds to the head, it would very difficult for the powers-that-be to sell the suicide narrative.

They Searched the Area Before But Strangely the Owner Remembered He Had More Land Days Later

This is the part that made the least sense to me and rang the loudest alarm bells. Police thoroughly searched the recycling company’s property before, but strangely they were called out to search another property that the owner had somehow forgotten to mention before. According to Breitbart:

Sauschuck explained that the trailers at the recycling company were full of metal and that law enforcement believed they had searched and cleared all the trailers early on. However, on Friday, the owner of the of the recycling company contacted law enforcement to say more trailers were on the company’s adjoining property, and when Maine State Police cleared those trailers, Card’s body was discovered.

If a former employee that you had fired had just gone on a mass murdering spree and police are there to search the property, it’s a very safe conclusion to believe the owner would want the entire property searched. For the owner to remember days later that he had another property with more places for Card to hide is about as believable as thinking Covid came from bat soup.

Friday Night News Drop

Nobody can control when a real news story is going to happen, but when the “news” story is being manufactured, it can be dropped at the most appropriate time. IF the powers-that-be manufactured this mass murder and IF they wanted to mitigate scrutiny on a suspicious story like this one, they’d drop it on a Friday night. That’s when news is dropped that’s intended to die.

In this case, I’ve found very few outlets even among conservative and alternative news sites that are truly entertaining the idea that some or all of the Robert Card story is hogwash. Maybe more will pick it up on Monday but by then the vast majority of Americans will have moved on. Perhaps they already have.

Signs of a Deep State Operation

We’ve been told that Card had mental health issues. We know he was extremely well-trained in firearms and even trained others. We know the places he targeted were hand-selected. Lastly, we know that all of this is happening at a time when gun grabbers needed a boost following the selection of a new Speaker of the House.

It has Deep State potential. Card is ideal to be their patsy. The “right-wing-extremist-snapped” protocol seems to be in motion. Then, there’s the hearing aid that made him hear voices, as the Independent reported:

“I have known Rob my whole life,” Card said on Thursday. “He is quiet but the most loving, hardworking, and kind person that I know. But in the past year, he had an acute episode of mental health, and it’s been a struggle.”

She explained that her brother-in-law had begun wearing hearing aids and was convinced he could hear people talking about him at the two locations of the shooting.

“He truly believed he was hearing people say things,” she said. “This all just happened within the last few months.”

The CIA has been known to use the most advanced methods to push and even control people. Are they tapped into our hearing aids now too?

One last note pertaining to psyops/false flags/Deep State events: A few people have noted that pictures of Card compared to pictures of the mass murderer during the shootings themselves seem to depict different people. My amateur examination says it’s possibly him, possibly not.

As a rational guy, I’ll acknowledge that the most likely scenario is that a mentally ill man killed a lot of people, then killed himself, and that the inconsistencies and odd series of events were just consequences of the rush to get the story out. Then again, I’m also one who believes there are no coincidences so it’s a best practice to question the official narratives surrounding the Maine Mass Shootings.

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