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Maine Mass Murderer Found Dead With TWO Gunshot Wounds to the Head . . . But the Story Has Now Changed

Robert Card, the man accused of mass murder in Maine, has been found dead in the woods. Initial reports indicated he was found with TWO gunshot wounds to the head, which would indicate he was killed by someone else. But within minutes the original story was changed from two to one “self-inflicted” wound.

Whether it was a mistake or a Deep State coverup, we’ll never know because both scenarios would play out exactly the same in corporate media.

Here’s the original Tweet, though the story that it links to has changed:


We are attempting to find a cached version of the original story but so far it seems to have been completely scrubbed. According to the newest version of the article:

Maine mass shooter Robert Card has been found dead in the woods with a self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head – ending a 48-hour manhunt involving over 300 members of law enforcement.

Androscoggin sheriff’s office wrote on Facebook: ‘The suspect in Wednesday nights shootings has been located and is deceased.’

Card, 40, was found near Lisbon, where his car was abandoned shortly after Wednesday’s massacre. His body was reportedly located near a recycling plant from where he was recently fired.

This is a breaking story and we will update as more is known.

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