Elon Musk

Elon Musk’s Short Tweet Embodies the Necessary Attitude to Stop the “Woke Mind Virus”

Some conservatives love Elon Musk. Others simply don’t trust him. But regardless of what patriots think of the owner of Twitter (some call it “X”), they have to admit he makes a whole lot of sense at a time when common sense has become uncommon.

Lately he’s been bouncing between three primary talking points. Free speech has been an ongoing battle since before he bought the social media site while fighting the border crisis has been a more recent development. Right in between the two has been his opposition to wokeness, in particular the “Woke Mind Virus” that prompts people to either promote LGBTQIA+ supremacy or to accept it out of fear of getting canceled.

Musk has no such fears which is why in one short Tweet he really summed up the core problem with the “Woke Mind Virus.”

“Cis is a heterophobic word. Shame on anyone who uses it.”

While I still remain in the camp that doesn’t trust a guy who wants to stick a chip in my brain, I wholeheartedly endorse his perspectives regarding the nonsensical use of the word “Cis.” It’s a pejorative that has somehow been embraced by many heterosexuals in the ultimate self-own.

Those who qualify for any of the 57 Heinz varieties of genders and sexual preferences who use the word are essentially invoking a slur. Those who are normal — birth gender, no false fluidity, and heterosexual in nature — who use the word are simply idiots.

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