Kari Lake (1)

DecisionDeskHQ FINALLY Calls the Arizona GOP Gubernatorial Primary Race

We announced it in the early morning hours after election night. Corporate media is finally catching up.

DecisionDeskHQ, arguably the most accurate election tracking service in corporate media, has given Trump-backed gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake the check mark two days after polls closed in Arizona. She has defeated RINO-backed billionaire Karrin Taylor Robson.

Kari Lake Wins

Many Lake supporters were concerned when the final county to report was corrupt Maricopa County. It was the epicenter of voter fraud during the 2020 elections and many feared we were seeing a repeat. Some, including me, have speculated that there must have already been massive voter fraud in this race because it was far closer than what polls from even the day before indicated.

Lake was winning in-person voting by a 40-point margin, but somehow there was a massive surge of mail-in ballots that put Robson in the lead early on. While some can argue that it’s normal for Democrats to be more inclined to mail in their ballots, this was a GOP primary. Why would Robson attract only Republicans who acted like Democrats? Something didn’t add up.

Now, it’s a moot point… or is it? Should there be an investigation on how this race became so close despite polls the week and even day before the primary showing Lake with a double-digit lead? If she does win the general election, perhaps uncovering voter fraud from both 2020 and the 2022 primaries should be on her agenda.

She faces the uphill climb of replenishing her coffers for the general election. Her Democrat opponent, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, did not face much of a primary challenge so her campaign funds are mostly intact. Meanwhile, tens of millions of dollars were spent by RINOs and billionaire Robson to take down Lake. She needs our support.