Karrin Taylor Robson

“Crooked Karrin” Taylor Robson Busted Taking Unreported Flights on Billionaire Husband’s Private Jet to Avoid Short Drives

Either there has been an unfathomable series of odd coincidences following Arizona gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson, or she is telling bald-faced lies to the people she hopes to represent.

According to her campaign, a private jet has been bouncing back and forth across the state, apparently following her to many of her campaign stops. It happens to take off whenever she leaves a venue and then magically lands at her next venue, often only minutes away. Is it just a coincidence that the jet is one of her billionaire husband’s private planes?

According to AZ Family [emphasis added]:

New questions surrounding GOP gubernatorial candidate Karrin Taylor Robson and how she’s getting to her campaign stops also emerged. Flight records show a private jet registered to her husband’s company made an 11-minute flight from Scottsdale to Glendale, a short drive from her campaign event with Pence. A few hours later, that same jet flew from Glendale to a town near Tucson where Pence and Robson appeared at another campaign stop.

Robson’s campaign denied she was on the private jet for that 11-minute flight and said nothing about the rest of her travel arrangements that day.

Arizona’s Family looked at other flights made by the private jet, and found several stops that coincided with Robson campaign events that were not reported on her campaign finance reports. In May, the jet flew to Nashville where Robson reportedly courted the support of Republican Governors Association at one of the meetings.

Flight records also show the jet took off from Prescott to San Diego on July 2, shortly after she posted a picture from the Prescott Rodeo Parade.

You can believe in massive coincidences plaguing the candidate, or you can see the only logical conclusion: Karrin Taylor Robson is taking unreported free flights on her billionaire husband’s private jets, then lying about it to avoid the truth coming out. While hard-working Arizonans have to drive or walk to their destinations, Robson appears to be taking short flights and not reporting them to the FEC.

This jibes with the devious nature of her campaign. Earlier, they were caught sending out campaign text messages targeting senior citizens to raise money for “the wall” and other issues. These messages did not clearly indicate the donor would be giving to her campaign, and many of these donations were ceaseless automated withdrawals from the unsuspecting victims’ bank accounts.

Her main opponent for the Republican nomination, frontrunner Kari Lake, responded to the dual controversies: