Dear Lucid Democrats (Any That Remain): Martha’s Vineyard Incident Proves What We’ve Said All Along About Obama, Biden, and Leftist Victim Ideology

There’s a reason people like Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren have been extremely successful and become flush with abundance while espousing rhetoric about “diversity” and “equity.” They prey on the anxiety, desperation, and “hopium” of people who have been indoctrinated into believing the system is inherently oppressive. What the elites among the radical left don’t tell their adoring fans is that THEY are the ones who make the system appear to be oppressive for the sake of pure political expediency.

People who are desperate will cling to those who offer ludicrous solutions even if they are the ones who created the problems in the first place.

Not all Democrats appreciate the direction of their party. They may not come out and say it out of fear of being canceled, but they know very well that the Martha’s Vineyard incident is not the exception. It’s the rule. The radical leftist elites of Martha’s Vineyard welcome all illegal aliens to anywhere in the nation as long as it’s not on their island. This is modern Democrat ideology in a nutshell.

It isn’t just Martha’s Vineyard. It’s New York City where the vast majority of politicians and bureaucrats condemn any talk of closing the border. They chastise anyone pointing out that thousands of illegal aliens are flooding into small border towns every day while losing their minds when hundreds are dropped in a city with millions of people and billions in tax revenue. It’s not just hypocritical. It’s the ultimate expression of cognitive dissonance that has pervaded most of the Democrat Party for at least a decade.

Call me optimistic, but I cannot accept that ALL Democrats are buying the false narratives. I cannot believe that ALL Democrats are willfully ignorant about the problems this nation faces to the point that they replace real problems with manufactured outrage. I am hopeful that there is a quiet awakening happening right now within the Democrat Party. No, the leaders of the party will never wake up because doing so would be political suicide when woke cancel culture murders their careers. But the voters and donors have an opportunity to let recent events sink in.

I’m not necessarily talking about getting “red-pilled.” That’s definitely happening to some, especially among independents and centrists. I’m talking about common sense helping to reverse the courses being taken politically and culturally by lucid Democrats who realize their party has left them behind but are too afraid to leave. These aren’t even necessarily old-school Democrats. If Joe Biden, the oldest of the old-school Democrats, can be turned into a radical extremist, then what hope is there in relying on them? I’m referring to those of all ages who are smart enough to see through the multitude of lies, who can recognize some of the gaslighting that’s being done, and who can come to the conclusion that the reaction of Martha’s Vineyard residents to immediately deport illegal aliens in their midst represents the true mindset of the hero class in the Democrat Party.

Martha’s Vineyard resident Barack Obama has been conspicuously silent on the issue. Of course he has been. He cannot risk opening up any of the various cans of worms laid before him. He’ll sit back, say nothing, and maybe chime in when the right moment pops up. In the meantime, he’s busy strategizing with his fellow globalists and radical leftists about what false narrative they’ll instruct their corporate media puppets to disseminate.

If we had done a poll of Democrats a week before the Martha’s Vineyard incident about how sanctuary cities work, the vast majority would have said that sanctuary cities are places where “undocumented migrants” could go to be safe from deportation or imprisonment by the evil MAGA Republicans. That’s what they’ve been told. Now, the narrative is rapidly shifting to state that sanctuary cities are places where “undocumented migrants” can go where they’ll be moved somewhere else. We’re hearing a lot about the lack of infrastructure to handle these people.

In other words, we’re seeing a change in the propaganda that’s intended to salvage the lies by redefining how the Democrat utopian dream is supposed to work for migrants.

Instead of going along with the new Democrat narratives emerging about illegal aliens, lucid Democrats should question the premise itself. Why didn’t the Democrats’ policies work? Washington DC, Martha’s Vineyard, and New York City should have been able to easily accommodate the tiny influx of illegal aliens based on what Democrats have been saying for the last decade. If they expect border cities to be okay with it, why can’t they handle it themselves? And what about the Biden-Harris regime flying many, many more illegal aliens to Republican cities and towns across the country? What’s so different between that and what Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are doing other than the secrecy behind the White House’s midnight flights?

I’m not calling on Democrats to become Republicans. I’m not a Republican myself, though mostly because the party simply isn’t conservative enough. But lucid Democrats, the remnant that haven’t been fully brainwashed, should be able to put the pieces together based solely on the Martha’s Vineyard incident and realize their party is built on a foundation of lies being propagated by the elites in the party. These same elites who blocked the border wall insulate themselves behind walls. These same elites that blocked Donald Trump refilling the strategic oil reserve at $24 a barrel are demanding Joe Biden do it now at $80 a barrel. These same elites that demand residents in border cities open their doors and accommodate illegal aliens refuse to do it themselves.

If you’re a lucid Democrat who hasn’t been fully indoctrinated, then this is your wake up call. Your party has left you. They just hope you’re too scared of cancel culture to leave them in return.

Article cross-posted from my Substack.