Troy Nehls

Congressman Troy Nehls: “The Deep State Is Alive and Well in Washington DC”

U.S. Congressman Troy Nehls from Texas was one of a handful of candidates I endorsed in 2020. As a former sheriff and America First patriot, I felt Nehls was a guy who would buck the system and push The Swamp to the edge. I figured he would become a target of the Deep State at some point, and this week my fears came true.

On the latest episode of The Midnight Sentinel, I interviewed Congressman Nehls about what he’s experiencing with Deep State shenanigans. He had Capitol Police intelligence agents enter his office twice, taking pictures of a white board on the office at the behest of “someone” (almost certainly Nancy Pelosi).

Then, they had the gall to claim they were checking on security because the door was “wide open.” This, as Nehls proved in a video he released, is impossible because the door automatically closes. It could not have been left “wide open” as the Capitol Police claimed.

“The deep state is alive and well in Washington, DC,” he said. “For Nancy Pelosi to weaponize the Capitol Police, that federal law enforcement agency that is out there to serve and protect the members, she has now taken that and formed it into her own little intelligence and investigative agency, her own little Gestapo now to go after people that have dissenting points of view, to go after people that she’s trying to silence like me because of my positions on January 6th and the failures of the Capitol Police leadership team.”

The Capitol Police answers to the Speaker of the House, which is currently Pelosi.

“There’s an enormous amount of incompetence up there,” he continued. “Nancy Pelosi oversees the Capitol Police. She’s trying to destroy me, and that’s what we saw here with going into my office and taking pictures of my legislative priorities.

“I’m in the Longworth Building, I’m in office 1104 and I have three doors, actually three separate doors that lead into my office. And they claim they found the door that said ‘a member and staff office.’ So it’s the middle door that they were referencing that they found open. And if you go to @RepTroyNehls, you will see that we produced a video today that shows that when you open that door all the way, you can open it halfway; the door closes automatically.”

Here’s the video he referred to:

It’s not exactly a light door. Someone would have had to prop it open in order for it to be left “wide open,” as the Capitol Police claimed. One would think if the door was propped open, that would have been in the report.

“So how in the hell did you find my door wide open, according to the Capitol Police, wide open on a Saturday afternoon at 3:30, when the door will not stay wide open?” Nehls asked. “It closes automatically. So I have a lot of questions to ask the chief of police, but he’s, he’s gone dark, he’s not willing to talk to me anymore or respond to any of my correspondence and answer any of my questions.”

The Congressman explained how he has an investigation prompted by the Inspector General, Michael Bolton, and he’s confident that it will yield fruit. He then discussed his perspectives on January 6th, specifically how intelligence was completely ignored. Based on what was known at the time, he believes the National Guard should have been ready on January 4th, not after 5pm on January 6th.

It’s as if Pelosi and Mayor Muriel Bowser wanted the “insurrection” to happen.

Congressman Nehls continues to be a voice for freedom on Capitol Hill despite the actions of the Deep State. Nancy Pelosi, the Capitol Police, and Democrats will continue to try to stifle him, but their efforts will be fruitless.