Ricky Schroder

Christian Actor Ricky Schroder Calls on American Truckers to Shut Down DC

The Freedom Convoy in Canada has inspired other convoys around the world to protest vaccine mandates. Conspicuously, there has been very little movement in the United States. Some trucker groups have launched and there are plans for convoys here and there, but nothing has materialized.

Actor Ricky Schroder from “Silver Spoons” and “The Champ” took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the Bible. But he turned his attention to the trucker convoy and called on American truckers to be inspired into action.

“I think we see what we’re facing here, it’s an evil that is trying to be forced upon our children, upon us. And God bless the Canadian truckers and the Canadian cowboys up there on the border,” he said.



“Our truckers are gonna maybe start mobilizing and doing what we need to do, which is shut down D.C., shut down Sacramento, shut down Albany, shut down these states and these [capitals] until we root out this evil that was almost perpetrated on us,” he explained. “We were so asleep.”

Here’s the full video: