Ella Emhoff

Chlamydia Harris’s Stepdaughter Models for Pedophilia-Loving Balenciaga

The firestorm that has engulfed fashion company Balenciaga following their sick child-BDSM ad campaign has drawn blowback for a lot of celebrities who have endorsed their products or worked with the company. But one wannabe “celebrity” who has gone under the radar despite modeling for them is Kamala Harris’s stepdaughter, Ella Emhoff.

Here’s one of her Instagram posts:

Overt sexualization of children is not new, but adding in the clear callouts to child sex trafficking and BDSM in “fashion” ads is a dimension of their depravity I wouldn’t have thought possible before this story broke. Unfortunately, it’s not getting nearly the attention it deserves. As I posted on The Liberty Daily last week:

This is the type of story that MUST be out there more. Those who get their news from corporate media likely only heard a brief mention with the focus on celebrity reactions instead of the depravity of modern day society on full display. It’s imperative that readers get this information about to those who otherwise might not know the details. Perhaps if more people understood what’s happening in our world, they might finally wake up.

Perhaps tying Emhoff to the story will make it break through to the awareness of more Americans. According to a USA Today article:

Ella Emhoff, the 22-year-old stepdaughter to Vice President Kamala Harris, made her Paris Fashion Week debut walking the runway for Balenciaga.

After making waves at New York Fashion Week earlier this year, Emhoff took things international to Paris on Wednesday for Balenciaga couture’s Fall/Winter 2021/2022 show. She sported a black suit with an oversized matching shawl, complete with pointed black boots, a sleek bun and glasses.

It’s still odd to me that she has gotten so much positive attention. Everyone has different tastes but she never really struck me as model-material. According to Washington Free Beacon:

Emhoff’s modeling career mysteriously took off after her stepmom was elected vice president. She signed a contract with IMG Models in January 2021 just days after Harris and President Joe Biden were sworn into office, and walked the runway at her first fashion show that February. Emhoff’s second runaway appearance came during Paris Fashion Week in July 2021, where she modeled the Balenciaga fall couture collection.

Ivan Bart, president of IMG Models, told the New York Times that Emhoff exemplified how being a model is “not really about shape, size or gender anymore,” though some questioned whether there was anything particularly revolutionary about the rich, white, tall, and thin Brooklynite with tattoos and armpit hair.

Bart, as it so happens, was an early max donor to Harris’s failed presidential campaign. IMG Models is part of an entertainment conglomerate run by Patrick Whitesell, who donated more than $150,000 to Democratic candidates and committees during the 2020 election cycle, and Ari Emanuel, brother of former Obama chief of staff Rahm Emanuel.

Emhoff’s blatant efforts to parlay her stepmother’s influence into professional success have led some observers to label her as “Hunter Biden 2.0.”

Far too many Americans are still in the dark with their heads in the sand about the lengths these groomers and pedophiles are going in modern America. We MUST continue to expose them for the perverted criminals they are.

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