Everything You Need to Know About Balenciaga Pedophiles in Less Than 9 Minutes (Share This With Those Who Get News From Corporate Media)

The absolute sickos at Balenciaga met SOME heat this week. Unfortunately, the vast majority of it came from conservative and alternative news outlets with very little mentioned in corporate media.

Here’s the story from Valiant News:

Woke Balenciaga’s New Ad Campaign Features ‘Virtual Child Porn’ Doc, Kids With ‘Bondage Teddy Bears’

This is the type of story that MUST be out there more. Those who get their news from corporate media likely only heard a brief mention with the focus on celebrity reactions instead of the depravity of modern day society on full display. It’s imperative that readers get this information about to those who otherwise might not know the details. Perhaps if more people understood what’s happening in our world, they might finally wake up.

In the video below, Dan Dicks of Press For Truth explains everything you need to know about this and more in under 9 minutes.