California Voter Fraud Can Only Be Thwarted by In-Person Voting Today

California Voter Fraud Can Only Be Thwarted by In-Person Voting Today

The fix is in. That’s the word on the street as the final votes in California’s recall election will be cast today. Millions have already mailed in their ballots… or unknowingly had their ballots mailed in for them by the cheaters.

There is only one way to stop Gavin Newsom from continuing as Governor of California. Voters need to turn out like it’s the most important election of their lifetimes. For most Californians, it is. Even presidential elections do not have the dramatic effects that this election will have on the state. Never have the policies between Republican candidates and the Democrat in office been so diametrically opposed.

At stake is the future of freedom. With Pandemic Panic Theater in full swing, a continuation of Newsom’s term will mean the most draconian lockdowns, face mask requirements, and state vaccine mandates in the nation. These policies would already be in place if it weren’t for the recall election. He’d be competing with Oregon, Washington, New York, and other leftist states to see who can be most authoritarian. After the election, Newsom will blow away his fellow leftist governors on the draconian scale if he isn’t removed today.

But like I said, the fix is in. Democrats are already starting to celebrate as they know the biggest statewide election fraud scheme in history worked. Sources have told me they collected an unbelievable amount of ballots from the mailboxes of unsuspecting voters. Their plan was simple: Mail ballots to everybody, collect them from mailboxes, then mail them in with “No” as the vote for the all-important first question of whether to recall Newsom.

The only way to prevent this from happening is if as many Californians as possible go to the polls and cast their votes in person. Many will be told they already voted. They’ll be asked to vote on a provisional ballot. The election officials will have the gall to ask these people for their identification as provisional ballots are the only ones that require such a step, so be sure to bring yours.

The good news in all of this is that there has been a groundswell of support from Republicans and “No Party Affiliation” voters over the last couple of days as news of voter fraud has finally been spreading. Mainstream media may be already calling the election because that’s what they’re being told to do, but the math still favors a Newsom recall. All it takes is a major push for in-person voting in order to reverse the effects of voter fraud.

There are national implications in this election as well. It’s not just the fact that Democrats in DC often follow the lead of California’s radicals when setting policy. The makeup of the Senate is at stake. If Larry Elder, the frontrunner, is elected, he intends to replace the missing-in-action Dianne Feinstein with a Republican. That would give the GOP a majority in the Senate and remove Chuck Schumer from his current leadership role. It would effectively block the radical legislation being pushed by Democrats and give our country a fighting chance at surviving the first half of the Biden-Harris term.

The press is doing its best to dissuade Republicans from going into vote. They’re making it out to be futile, just as they’ve done with every election for the past decade. Don’t believe it. Do your part, go to the polls, and vote “Yes” to recall Gavin Newsom.