Widespread Voter Fraud in California Reported_ 'It's Been Happening All Morning'

Widespread Voter Fraud in California Reported: ‘It’s Been Happening All Morning’

In the most predictable story to come out of California ahead of Tuesday’s recall election, voters across the state are reporting that they’ve been trying to cast their ballots only to find out they supposedly voted already.

Let’s cut to the chase. California’s universal mail-in voting system is specifically designed to allow Democrats to cheat. That’s it. This isn’t about “voter access” or Covid restrictions. It’s so operatives for the Communists — aka California’s Democratic Party — can steal ballots and send them in on behalf of embattled elitist Governor Gavin Newsom.

The risks are minimal. If someone comes in to vote in person and computers show someone already sent in a ballot, they are given a provisional ballot to “correct” the issue. But here’s the thing. If a street has 100 people on it and 50 vote, the other 50 who were mailed ballots will have their votes cast for them.

Here’s the report:

According to CPRC:

There are two news stories that fit together.

1) A felon in Torrance, California was found to have several hundred recall ballots in his car.

2) Republicans in the San Fernando Valley are being told that they have already voted. Note that the San Fernando Valley is about 30 miles away from Torrance, so this indicates that there are multiple different places in California where someone is filling out and sending in other people’s ballots.

KTLA reporter talked to a woman who said Republicans who were saying: “This has been happening all morning.” The video is more complete than this quote from the KTLA news article.

This story and others are why everyone who wants Gavin Newsom out needs to get to the polls and vote in person. Do not let propaganda and voter fraud steal another election in America.