Nancy and Paul Pelosi

Bombshell: Witness Claims Bodycam Footage Shows Paul Pelosi Opening the Door so Why Did the Department of Justice Lie?

News flash! The Department of Justice is comprised of bald-faced liars. This isn’t just a Biden-Harris regime phenomenon. Every DoJ in modern history has done less to fight crime and more to cover up the various leftist agendas in Washington DC. Even Donald Trump’s DoJ was as corrupt as can be and appears to have participated in covering up the 2020 stolen election.

But this latest lie makes no sense. According to NBC News who talked to someone that watched the police bodycam footage firsthand, Paul Pelosi opened the door when police arrived. Specifically, he opened it with his left hand. But that’s NOT the story the DoJ told, and we know for certain they saw the bodycam footage before releasing their statements.


Even in the face of massive deceit, the corporate media shills at NBC still couldn’t help themselves from gaslighting against “conspiracy theories” that are becoming increasingly credible with every new detail. Paul Pelosi knew his attacker. He did not feel threatened enough to leave the premises when he could. The window that David DePape allegedly used to enter the premises was broken from the inside. Now this. It all points to a conspiracy that is quickly turning from “theory” to becoming the only viable explanation.

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