Andy Biggs Kevin McCarthy

Andy Biggs for Speaker of the House

With several House elections still being counted nearly a week after election day, it’s not certain that Republicans will gain control of the lower chamber. Odds are still in their favor but if there’s anything we’ve learned the last two elections it’s that we cannot take anything for granted.

Nevertheless, we’re HOPING to see the second reign of Nancy Pelosi come to an end, not just because she’ll have to hand over the gavel but also because we’d expect her to retire from Congress altogether. Pray for that. But with Republican Kevin McCarthy the current Minority Leader, it seems like he’s the most likely next Speaker.

McCarthy is a RINO. He’s a Trump ally when it’s convenient and public but behind closed doors he’s nowhere near being a proponent of America First policies. He may not be quite as bad as Mitch McConnell in the Senate, but he’s pretty darn feckless. The GOP needs someone better to take on the Biden-Harris regime as well as Chuck Schumer should he retain his power as Senate Majority Leader, which seems likely barring a miracle in Arizona or Nevada plus a win by Herschel Walker in the Georgia runoff next month.

That better person is Congressman Andy Biggs from Arizona, and it appears he’s poised to accept the challenge. According to Washington Examiner:

Former House Freedom Caucus Chairman Andy Biggs (R-AZ) is likely to run against House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) to become the next speaker of the House if Republicans lock down a majority in the lower chamber, a member of the powerful conservative group confirmed on Sunday.

Biggs has been critical of McCarthy’s leadership in the minority, voicing concerns that the California Republican won’t prioritize issues important to the far-right flank of the party. CNN first reported the news of Biggs’s likely bid against McCarthy.

“I think we need to have a real discussion about whether he should be the speaker or not,” Biggs told reporters on Thursday.

“I think that his statement recently that we shouldn’t impeach Secretary Mayorkas indicates that maybe we’re not going to be as aggressive going forward as we should be. I think we need to have a very positive statement of what we’re going to accomplish and do, and I haven’t seen that yet,” he added. “That’s — those are things that I think we should have a very frank discussion internally about, where we’re going to be going forward.”

The news of Biggs’s expected run comes as House Republicans are slated to hold their leadership elections on Tuesday. A number of both current and incoming lawmakers have been vocal in their calls for the conference to push back its leadership elections until they know the final makeup of the House.

“I think we don’t even know if we’re in the majority, so I think it’s responsible to just look and see where the cards fall right now, and we don’t know,” Rep.-elect George Santos (R-NY) said on Sunday.

McCarthy has continued to express confidence in the likelihood of Republicans taking the majority despite the party falling significantly short of his projection last year that the GOP could pick up 60 seats.

Kevin McCarthy would challenge Paul Ryan and John Boehner for the title of worst RINO Speaker of the 21st Century. Andy Biggs would be the best Speaker of the House in decades. Let’s hope Republicans in Congress see it this way, too.