ASU Student Leaders Claim Kyle Rittenhouse Killed 'Black and Brown People' — Conservative Students Have Epic Response

ASU Student Leaders Claim Kyle Rittenhouse Killed ‘Black and Brown People’ — Conservative Students Have Epic Response

There’s only one question that needs to be asked about the student leaders at Arizona State University who got Kyle Rittenhouse canceled. Are they bald-faced liars or full-blown stupid, as in AOC-level braindead? They have to be one or the other (or both) based on their claims that Kyle Rittenhouse killed “black and brown people” during a rally on campus.

It’s either the purest grade of gaslighting in America or an inability to recognize that the extremely Caucasian people Rittenhouse shot in self-defense were, indeed, not black or brown. Considering these students represent the future of America, I truly hope it’s just gaslighting. At least we can fight false narratives with the truth. You can’t fix stupid.

Thankfully, there were patriots present who had a different message. They didn’t attempt to engage in discourse with the radical Cultural Marxists. Instead, they had a simple statement they repeated over and over again.

Whether it was massive brainwashing or lack of intelligence that drove the ASU students to tell lies about Kyle Rittenhouse, we may never know. But at least there are patriotic Americans who recognized the real message that everyone needs to hear.