Another Ultra-VAXXED Country Just Had Its Highest Reported Covid Case Surge on Record

Those who have either not been vaxxed or who have been vaxxed and now realize the lack of efficacy of the jabs likely scratch their heads regularly whenever stories like this one pop up. How can people see the facts and still abide by Big Pharma’s programming? The answer comes down to a saying by Mark Twain:

“It is easier to fool the people, than to convince them they have been fooled.”

The latest narrative-busting fact comes from Denmark where 87% of the population has been “fully vaccinated.” Despite their tremendous success in getting their people to take the injections, the nation just had its highest day on record of Covid-19 cases.

Based on literally everything the CDC, FDA, Biden-Harris regime, mainstream media, Big Tech, academia, and most in the healthcare industry have been saying, this should be impossible. The “vaccines” were supposed to bring us closer to normalcy and bring an end to the pandemic. Instead, the jabs have made things worse as there is a clear correlation between jab percentages and spikes in Covid.

Across the world, countries with lower vaccination rates are doing far better than their ultra-vaxxed cohorts. Yet the drumbeat of Big Pharma’s money-printing narrative continues unabated with new mandates and restrictions against the unvaxxed popping up every day. It defies logic, but we now live in a post-truth society where logic has no meaning.