Kevin McCarthy

Any Member of Congress Who Votes for Kevin McCarthy’s Return to Speaker Must Be Primaried

Congressman Kevin McCarthy’s short-lived career as Speaker of the House is over. It should never be revived. That’s not just my opinion as an America First patriot who opposed McCarthy’s reign from the beginning. That’s the common perspective of a majority of conservatives in America.

According to Politico [emphasis added]:

The survey also noted that among those Americans who supported his ouster, 75% agreed with the sentiment that McCarthy wasn’t effective, an opinion that came after McCarthy cut a deal to avert a government shutdown last month, angering many of the members of the right flank of his party.

Notably, 54% of Americans who identified as conservative expressed approval for ousting McCarthy, while 70% of Americans who called themselves liberals backed the move.

Buzz has been building since the weekend that McCarthy wants back in and he’s building a group of supporters in Congress to make it happen. This is unacceptable. Our representatives on Capitol Hill are supposed to represent the people who voted for them. Those people want someone other than McCarthy to be Speaker of the House.

The biggest problem in Washington DC is cronyism, better known as corruption. It’s not just the standard corruption from outside DC working its way into the voting records and bank accounts of elected officials. There’s also the internal party cronyism which allows those in power to retain power because of repercussions that befall those who buck the system. This is why Mitch McConnell, who is unpopular even among Republicans in the Senate, has been able to remain in power. His control over multiple PACs and his inside track to special interest groups means opposing him is a death sentence to any Republican Senator’s career.

McCarthy has become a mini-McConnell in the House. Given enough time in power, he will be able to consolidate his influence and be the GOP version of Nancy Pelosi. This is why it’s imperative that the gavel should never be given to him again. I’d argue that this is more important in the long-term than his disastrous policies, including the continuing resolution he was only able to pass with the help of every Democrat except one.

That’s an important point to remember. Republicans and conservative commentators who complain that McCarthy was only ousted because Democrats backed Congressman Matt Gaetz never had a problem with the fact that McCarthy was only able to fund the vast majority of Joe Biden’s agenda because Democrats backed the McCarthy-Schumer deal.

Steve Scalise is marginally better than McCarthy. Jordan would be a decent improvement. McCarthy’s return to power would be disastrous. Any Republican Congressman who votes to bring him back must be primaried into their next gig with CNN.

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