'Anti' Racist Icon Ibram X. Kendi Hides on Twitter in Lieu of Debating Candace Owens in Person

‘Anti’ Racist Icon Ibram X. Kendi Hides on Twitter in Lieu of Debating Candace Owens in Person

The biggest problem with the academics who propagate and defend Critical Race Theory is that they can only make a case through broadcasting. They can write a book, Tweet about it, or do an interview for a leftist audience, but the tenets do not stand up to scrutiny or discourse. In other words, it makes for a great soliloquy but the moment there’s dialogue or debate involved, the chances that their “anti-racism” will be exposed as direct and unambiguous racism are too high.

This is almost certainly why noted progressive scholar Ibram X. Kendi has ignored every attempt by conservative pundit Candace Owens to debate the concept publicly while continuing to hide on Twitter lobbing technicalities and gaslighting rhetoric. She noticed.

“I’m confused, Ibram,” she Tweeted. “My team contacted you via text, e-mail, phone call and through your team to debate your “anti-racist” philosophy in person. Feels a bit cowardly to ignore all requests, only to grandstand on twitter. Would you like to debate this in person, publicly?”

She was responding to a seven-Tweet thread Kendi had posted yesterday defending his premise by calling out flaws in her argument. Of course, this could all be wrapped up nicely if he would simply respond to Owens’ request.

“If you are a principled academic, and not just another fraud capitalizing on BLM rhetoric, then I am certain you’d open to having this discussion on ‘anti-racism’ with me in a public setting.”

There has been a plague of Black Lives Matter and Critical Race Theory opportunists popping up for nearly a year-and-a-half as the business of race-baiting has achieved its most profitable levels. Will Ibram X. Kendi ever debate Candace Owens? Of course not.