Alvin Bragg (3)

Alvin Bragg Faces the Inconvenient Truth as People Notice NO ACTUAL LAW Is Cited in Trump Indictments

Imagine trying to play a baseball game without having a baseball. That’s the hand that Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has dealt himself in his quest to fulfill his Orange Man Bad commitment to take down President Donald J. Trump.

As attorney Robert Barnes noted on Twitter after reviewing court documents, no law was cited:

The indictment is legally insufficient on its face. New York state law does not make it a crime to influence an election. Federal law does not make it a crime either. Maybe that’s why no law is actually cited in the indictment. Nor are the facts sufficient. #TrumpArraignment

Seems like an important omission.

Prima facie, this indictment is a joke. It demonstrates the degradation of the United States of America under the Biden-Harris regime and Uniparty Swamp rule. Most importantly, both Alvin Bragg and this indictment are national embarrassments, as I noted on Twitter:

We look like the very banana republics we allegedly oppose.

One does not have to be a Trump supporter to appreciate the need to protest this illegal election interference against a valid political candidate. Even if Trump wasn’t running for office, this predatory use of the justice system would be tyrannical. This needs to end immediately.

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