Alex Jones Dropped a Bomb During His Trial — This Meme From It Won the Internet

Infowars leader Alex Jones got some bad news yesterday when he was ordered to pay $4.11 million in defamation damages to the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre. But in true Jones style, he used the platform of the trial to expose many truths.

One such exposure turned the internet on its head as a meme garnered millions of views:

This entire debacle acts as a lens into the fallacy of our entire legal system. Throughout the trial, Jones noted how unfairly he was being treated by the judge in the case, and this particular piece of testimony highlights parts of the problem. While Jones is being forced to pay millions of dollars for making statements, there are powerful men in the world today who have paid no money nor faced any justice for participating in the sexual abuse of children.

Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell have faced different levels of justice, but what about their client list? What about Bill Clinton? How much has he had to pay his victims? How much time has he had to spend in jail?

Godspeed to Alex Jones. He will bounce back. We’re living in a society in which the truth is labeled “disinformation” while actual lies are heralded as facts. This is why we need people like Alex Jones to continue fighting the good fight even after setbacks like this.