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4 Important Things to Know About Trump’s Impending Arrest

Let’s start by saying this isn’t just about Trump. If Ron DeSantis or any prominent conservative figure were facing the same type of weaponized political attack through law enforcement at any level, I would be saying the exact same things that I’m about to say. One does not have to be a Trump supporter to recognize his impending arrest is an attack against our Constitution and against this great nation.

As of right now, Vivek Ramaswamy is the only candidate I’ve seen respond to this and I believe he did a pretty good job of expressing appropriate sentiment:

There are four things patriots need to know about this latest attack. I covered them on the latest mini-episode of The JD Rucker Show:

Yes, Protest

I see a whole lot of patriots outsmarting themselves right now. They’re saying, “It’s a trap!” They’re saying, “The FBI wants us to protest so they can have a bigger version of January 6 to entrap us with!”

They’re not wrong that the Deep State is going to use this to go after us. But they’re definitely wrong in thinking that we should be scared by it. This is still the United States of America even if it feels like the nation is slipping away. But trying to be too clever and NOT protest so we don’t fall into their “trap” is ludicrous.

We have a right to assemble, to petition our government about our grievances. We must exercise these rights or, like anything else that doesn’t get enough exercise, it will weaken and become useless. If there was ever a time to protest, it’s when a former president is being wrongfully persecuted by a weaponized justice system for political expediency.

Don’t break the law. Don’t get violent. But DO protest.

This Is a Distraction

The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect for the Biden-Harris regime or the globalist elite cabal that controls them. There are so many real existential threats against America right now that pulling our attention away is a benefit to those threatening us.

It’s also conspicuous that all of this is happening right when it’s being revealed just how deep the corruption of the Biden Crime Family truly is.

This Isn’t Just About 2024

A lot of political commentators are saying this is all about stopping Trump from becoming president again. That’s wrong. As some have pointed out, a wrongful arrest followed by the case being dismissed or an acquittal will galvanize his base and endear him to others. This will NOT harm his chances in 2024.

Moreover, to assume this is about 2024 is dismissing the implications it has right now. See the two previous points to gain a better understanding of why pretending like this is all about next year diminishes the effects it’s having in 2023.

Anyone Who Does Not Come Out Against It Is For It

This is arguably the only controversial point here. As noted, Vivek Ramaswamy came out against it and thus far he’s the only declared or prospective GOP candidate who has. That’s not a good look to wait for political consultants or megadonors to give a candidate permission to speak out against unambiguous tyranny.

If people like Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, and others haven’t declared these actions as the attacks on the Constitution that they are by the time the arrest happens, they’re playing politics far too much. They should be disqualified from consideration.

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