Stephen Paddock

YouTube’s Gaslighting About Las Vegas Mass Murderer Stephen Paddock, Explained by Someone Who Investigated

Recent revelations have shown that YouTube does not want anyone to know the truth about Stephen Paddock, the Las Vegas mass murderer. Considering that he’s been out of the news cycle for so long, briefly reappearing after a bogus statement by the FBI, one has to wonder why YouTube is going to such pains to keep the conversation under control.

Mises Caucus took to Twitter to expose the shenanigans:

Conservative documentary maker Mindy Robinson did an in-depth review of everything that happened before, during, and after the attack. Her video is below. Here’s her post on Twitter with many of the questions YouTube doesn’t want people asking:

Why would they build algorithms to suppress everything but the official lone gunman narrative for the Las Vegas shooting, you ask? 🧐

I spent half a year reading every FBI and police report from that night, listening to every 911 call, and talking to everybody I knew that was there. Let’s see what they don’t want people talking about:

  • Who were the 3 other people registered to Paddock’s room that night other than him and the girlfriend? We only know about them because their names were redacted on police body cam footage that took multiple lawsuits and a year and a half to get. Why won’t the FBI investigate or even name these 3 people?
  • Why did 3 helicopters hovering above Mandalay Bay turn their transponders off minutes before the shooting…and didn’t put them back on until the minute it was over?
  • Why did hundreds of people report seeing and hearing other gunmen that night on the Strip long after Paddock was dead?
  • Why did the media mysteriously drop the story after only 2 weeks?
  • How did Paddock’s computer hard drive walk off the crime scene?
  • How did Paddock lock one room from the inside, and transport himself to the other side of the door to die on the floor?
  • Why do electronic door locks prove that at least 2 other people were in those rooms that night? Why was the room service ticket for two entrees?
  • Why were officers ordered to remain in the stairwell for over an hour allowing anyone in those rooms to escape? Why did they say they were waiting for SWAT…when SWAT never showed?
  • How were they unable to identify one of the gunman seen running around the Strip that night with a gun…when they had a description of his truck and his license plate number?
  • Why was MGM allowed to bribe the security guard by gifting him 2 condos for his silence? What was his explanation for running off to Mexico and only ever doing one very controlled Ellen interview?
  • Why did the corrupt Vegas Sheriff force his officers to sign NDA’s about what they saw that night?
  • Why were officers told multiple times to turn off their body cams that night?
  • Why were they running mass shooter drills all week causing confusion at the hospitals? Who ordered them?
  • Why were so many fatalities shot with perfect parallel trajectories? Why did so many people hear gunshots come from the ground behind the stage?
  • Why was Paddock’s house left “unlocked” and allowed to be ransacked while the investigation was ongoing?
  • How are there only 2-3 pics of Paddock? He previously worked for the military industrial complex and had a pilot’s license…was he a government spook?
  • Why was the girlfriend let off so easily? What about the anti-gun Australian nut Brian Hodge who did interviews knowing certain things that had not been released to the public yet?
  • Where did the millions of dollars collected by former Governor Sisolak through the Gofundme go?
  • Why are we relegated to body cam footage we had to sue for and citizen cell phone footage? Where is all the security camera footage from the casinos that night?
  • It’s also worth mentioning that the same corrupt RINO Sheriff who was hated by his own party for being anti-gun, pro-red flag, pro-force vaccination, and tried to claim Paddock was a “Trump supporter” was fully funded by dark money groups and casinos and “won” the primary against a visibly more popular America first candidate and eventually installed as Governor. He was the same guy that lied on the stand about the Bundy Ranch.

The FBI covered this up…and poorly. I can’t think of a reason why unless they either screwed up, or orchestrated the whole thing…it sure wouldn’t be the first time. Is there a particular reason the government doesn’t think the public deserves answers for any of this? It’s looking like the Feds killed 58 people to do a gun grab as well as something funny with the Saudi Prince which is a whole other rabbit hole.

We want answers for this @JoeLombardoNV

This conspiracy goes both deep and wide. There are many things being covered up and a whole lot of people involved. Was/is this part of a government operation to bring forth gun control? Was it actually far more nefarious than that?

Here’s Robinson’s documentary: