Young Turds Host Cenk Uygur Hated #DefundPolice Before He Loved It and Now He Hates It Again or Something

Radical leftist show host Cenk Uygur has always had a consistency problem. Unfortunately, lack of consistency is the least of his problems as his worldview is consistently exposed for its ludicrous nature. And on top of all that, he’s a hypocrite. Case-in-point:

Will people who came up with “Defund the Police” slogan admit they were wrong? It was wildly counterproductive framing. You don’t speak for the left. And neither do people pushing the counterproductive “Abolish Prisons.” Polls show that almost no one on the left agrees with you.

You can’t claim to speak for the left, if polls indicate that actual human beings who are on the left don’t like your ideas. And if they like your ideas, but you bungled it by making your ideas sound worse through the names and the framing, then that’s on you. Do better.

He almost sounds like an old-school mainstream Democrat warning of the radicals within his party. The problem is he forgot that HE IS ONE OF THE RADICALS, as his 2020 Tweets demonstrated.

I’m done. I’m now supporting #DefundThePolice 100%. I already largely agreed with the substance of the argument & now I’m down for the framing, too. There is no reform or transformation that can fix this. We have to start over and completely rebuild policing in this country.

It’s comical that he was “down with the framing” before claiming it was “wildly counterproductive framing.” For people like Cenk Uygur, inconsistency is the only thing consistent about their ludicrous worldview.