Emily Chesterton

Young British Actress Emily Chesterton Dies Suddenly From “Unexpected Natural Causes”

It’s quickly getting to the point that we will no longer be able to post articles about individual young and healthy celebrities dying suddenly from unknown or undisclosed reasons. They are happening so frequently that we may have to post one or two compilation articles per day.

The latest person who may have died from adverse reactions to the Covid-19 “vaccines” is a British actress in her 30s. We will never know if the jabs were involved because corporate media will never ask the question. According to ITV:

A young actress described as “beautiful” and “sweet” has died suddenly, her family have said.

Emily Chesterton, who was in her 30s, died unexpectedly at the start of November. The former Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) student’s family posted on her Twitter and Facebook accounts to tell her friends.

The statement reads: “Dear family and friends, It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce the passing of our dear Emily. Due to unexpected natural causes, Emily passed away surrounded by her family.”

As always, we will update this article if there are any confirmations of cause of death. It is not our intention to report the jabs as a possible cause of death if they turn out to not be the reason, but unfortunately acquiring that information is nearly impossible. What we do know is that whenever someone “dies suddenly” and it wasn’t the jabs, corporate media is quick to publish the information. If the cause of death remains unknown, we have to at least ask if the jabs were involved.

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