Clark Yarbrough

Jab??? Young and Healthy College Football Stars Collapses, Dies — Cause of Death has Not Been Revealed

It’s been a few days since we reported on any young and otherwise healthy athletes collapsing and dying with no cause of death announced. Unfortunately, that trend didn’t last long as plague of “cause of death unknown” struck again in college football.

Clark Yarbrough, a football player at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas died on Sunday, the school announced. He was 21 years old. According to Pop Culture, “The cause of death was not revealed, but Ouachita Baptist said that Yarbrough, a defensive lineman, collapsed on Sunday.”

As we often note, it’s impossible to know for sure that this is another adverse reaction to the Covid-19 “vaccines” because corporate media and government refuse to ever ask the question. They continue to do their best to ignore the plague of inexplicable deaths that seem to affect young, healthy, active people the most. Athletes are particularly susceptible and, according to many Dr. Joel Hirschhorn, this is likely due to blood clots and microclots.

We will get criticized for assuming it’s the jabs causing this and the plethora of other similar cases, but it should be noted that corporate media always assumes it isn’t the jabs. In fact, they go out of their way to declare definitively through omission or gaslighting that they may not know what the causes of death were but they’re definitely not caused by the “safe and effective” injections.

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