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Yes, They’re Trying to Destroy the Constitution

(WND)—Consider the following part of my often discussed greater discourse I reference as contributing factors in the death of America.

Pursuant to my opening paragraph, it’s stunning to me that so many people, including many of my peers, fail to realize the finality of the condition confronting the world, and specifically confronting America.

We’re not fighting a conventional war; therefore, conventional weaponry and strategies won’t work. Any and all attempts to reclaim loss ground are pointless, because an unconventional war cannot be won conventionally. We are in a full-blown spiritual war.

The enemies of America and global civilization as a whole understand said factoid very well. America was truly a gift from God to the world, second only to Moses, Abraham and other great leaders found in the scriptures. But, as I’ve repeatedly said: The only thing our governmental construct was unable to protect America from were evil and wicked men.

It’s one thing to not see the forest for the trees, but it’s another thing altogether to misidentify the trees.

America is being deconstructed piece by piece. Speaking metaphorically, the illusionists have the people focusing on how the rabbit got out of the hat and failing to realize that the rabbit was never in the hat.

The American public from womb to grave in ever increasing numbers are being misinformed and misled for the express purpose of destroying what God, through our Founders, gave us.

The truth has been misstated to the point that even well-meaning people unconsciously accept and advance the fraudulent representations.

The so-called intellectuals and elitists today view the four foundational constructs of America – church, family, education and military – with hostility. But, hating same is one thing, getting rid of these foundations is the goal.

Change the language and the founding documents become of no effect; e.g., the Constitution, the Articles of Confederation and the Declaration of Independence never mention nor refer to America as a democracy. That’s because America isn’t a democracy nor was it ever intended to be. (See: “Why the United States was Designed as a Republic” by David Shestokas.)

Don’t get me wrong. You’ll hear so-called conservatives and certain others correctly argue that America is a constitutional republic. But, day after day in public school classrooms and America’s equivalent to Pravda, i.e., higher education and the mainstream state media propagandists, malleable minds are brainwashed through an uninterrupted diet of references to a fictional “democracy.”

This error isn’t being committed by accident. This damnable lie is being advanced as heterodoxy for the express purpose of destroying the Constitution of the Untied States of America. It’s being advanced for the express purpose of undermining and abandoning the veritas of the Constitution.

Our son forwarded me an article about Washington becoming the fourth state, following Oregon, New Hampshire and Wisconsin, that will no longer require the bar exam to become a licensed attorney. This a travesty on its face; it’s a definitional miscarriage of language, because in order to be licensed for anything, one must pass a test of some sort on some level.

In reality, this is the next step in reducing the Constitution to no effect, without a Constitutional Convention.

People are ignoring the true rationale of the Fabianists. I’ve warned over the years that the democratic socialists advance with ophidian-like rapidness using gradualism and reformist guerrilla tactics. And their tactics are working, in large part because the foundations of America have been eroded by the pursuit of those entrusted to defend them, becoming more desirous of the riches/trappings of the godless than they are in honoring the foundations America was built upon.

I predict in the very, very near future these so-called attorneys will find themselves appointed to judgeships, ultimately leading to state supreme courts, all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). They will be hailed as evidence that doing away with bar exams and the renunciation of all licensing was a success with these persons placed in judicial positions.

It will be done with the usual political cast posing as a symphonic retinue to fakes and charades. We will be inundated with “firsts”: the first crayon-color unlicensed judge, the first queer unlicensed judge, the first unlicensed transgender, ad nauseam. Having not taken a bar exam will be reason for ascension to judgeships, because those people will be seen as more compassionate. Their efficacy will be judged on their ability to fundamentally disregard and alter the Constitution and laws of our once great nation.

Despite what is argued by those who refuse to admit this hellish transmogrification happened to America on their watch, I blame our collapse on the compromise of the church and our failure to hold politicians accountable.

This did not happen overnight. It has been structured and set in place in plain sight.

Consider the damage that has been done by the pathetic creatures masquerading as legal professionals today. The woman who couldn’t define what a woman was during confirmation hearings, now sitting on SCOTUS openly lamented the First Amendment, referencing it as a handicap and restraint to her idea of jurisprudence.

In their present incarnation, barely qualified judges, attorneys general and district attorneys are haters of modernity and political hacks, and we’re to believe removing the bar exam will be improvement.

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