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Yes, RFK Jr Can Give Joe Biden a Run for His Money for One Reason

Mounting a primary campaign against a sitting President is very challenging even when the incumbent is unpopular. Ronald Reagan made waves in 1976 against Gerald Ford. Four years later, Ted Kennedy had moderate success against Jimmy Carter. Otherwise, no primary candidates in the modern era have had an impact against incumbents.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr is running against Joe Biden for the Democrat nomination for president. Could he do what the 40th President couldn’t do? Can he fair better than his uncle?


Let’s put the polls aside, even though they are currently very positive for RFK Jr. Let’s even put aside, for now, the fact that Biden is less popular than Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter were. The biggest reason I believe RFK Jr can give Biden a run for his money is something he said yesterday.

“I am against people participating in women’s sports who are biologically male,” the Democratic presidential candidate said. “I think women have worked too hard to develop women’s sports over the past 30 years. I watched it happen, and I don’t think that’s fair.”

Ask any random Democrat on the street if they support “transgender women” playing against actual women in sports and the vast majority of them will say the woke thing. “Yes, trans rights matter…” or something like that, they’ll say.

Inject them with sodium thiopental, get them drunk, or otherwise compel them to tell the truth and many if not most of them will acknowledge they’d rather see women playing against women and men playing against men.

You see, Democrats are not as stupid as they act. They are indoctrinated into a political cult that allows cognitive dissonance to rule over them under normal circumstances, but deep down they know the trans-supremacy agenda is wrong. Deep down, they know that all lives matter, not just Black lives. Deep down, they know kids shouldn’t be exposed to adult content whether it’s in their library books or at drag shows.

They virtue signal. They play woke on television. They pretend to be oblivious to the blatant truth in front of them.

Don’t get me wrong. Some are truly brainwashed. I’m hopeful that it’s not most of them. But by being beholden to this radical new variant of the Democrat Party, nearly all of them are part of a political cult that has zero tolerance for disagreement. As a result, they stay in line and flash their woke card when appropriate. It’s safer that way.

Deep down, many Democrats want someone like RFK Jr to bring their party back from the brink of total insanity. And it’s not just the moderates, either. There are far-left progressives who are secretly opposed to trans-supremacy while being all-in for the climate change scam, all-in for wealth redistribution, and all-in for criminal justice reform. RFK Jr is all-in on these priorities as well. He’s an old school progressive who happens to be against trans-supremacy, wars against China or Russia, and the Covid jabs.

I’m cheering for him. I don’t want him in the White House because he’s still a Democrat and would usher in the Green New Deal if given the chance, but I’m hopeful that he can give Biden a run for his money. The deeper into the primaries he can get, the more damage Biden will take before the general election.

If RFK Jr can mount a primary challenge equal to or better than Reagan and his uncle, then he may be able to make history repeat itself. While both Ford and Carter beat their primary opponents, they lost their general elections. Hopefully, RFK Jr can help Biden join that group of single-term presidents.

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