Vaccine Infertility

Yes, It’s the Jabs: Fertility Rates in New South Wales Hit Lowest Recorded Point Ever

Ever since the rollout of Covid-19 “vaccines,” evidence started emerging that they caused reproductive damage to recipients. These pieces of evidence were “debunked” in the beginning. Such gaslighting continued throughout the vaxx-pushing phase of Pandemic Panic Theater. Only recently have corporate media outlets started acknowledging bits and pieces of truth, conveniently after the vast majority of those who would get jabbed already did.

A new report out of Australia reveals an alarming trend. Fertility rates have hit a record low, far below the level needed for population sustainability. According to the report:

“It’s currently at around 1.7, below the 2.1 rate needed for a stable population. During the first three months of this year, the number of births in public maternity wards in New South Wales was the lowest since records began 13 years ago.”

They’ll blame climate change. They’ll blame racism. They’ll blame conservatives. But the one thing the powers-that-be won’t ever mention is the obvious culprit. The Covid-19 “vaccines” cause infertility.

Some will argue that I’m not a doctor so I couldn’t know. I may not be a doctor, but I’m not a willful idiot, either. The cause is apparent prima facie.

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