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WSJ Editorial Board Calls on Benedict Biden to Not Run, But the Real Target of the Hit Piece Was Donald Trump

Oh, those silly Uniparty Swamp mouthpieces at the WSJ. The Editorial Board put out a “controversial” article calling on Joe Biden to step aside and not run in 2024. But is Biden really the target? No. The piece was a safe way for them to not only throw jabs at Donald Trump, but get the story widely shared among Republicans.

I wondered what they were thinking when I saw many conservatives sharing an article title, “Biden’s Second-Term Mistake.” Is there any chance at all the Biden or the Democrats are going to listen to the WSJ Editorial Board? From the left’s perspective, the milquetoast “right-leaning” publication is classified as extreme right wing, just like they classify anyone who doesn’t share pronouns or bend the knee to Dylan Mulvaney.

Then, I read the article. It didn’t take long to realize they’d used shocking-to-nobody stances on Biden as the entry to cleverly work in their assault on Trump. They said nothing new about Biden; he’s old, Hunter sucks, his mental capacities may decline, yada yada yada. It’s not the type of deep analysis that requires an editorial board at a major newspaper to compile. Check your average Republican Twitter feed and you’ll see the same conclusions.

All of it was a ruse. They weren’t hoping Democrats would read it and somehow convince Joe Biden not to run. They published this piece so Republican would read it and absorb their nonchalant gaslighting. Based on their commentary, one would think Trump is already losing in the polls, which he isn’t.

The rest of the article is worthless. Here are the three paragraphs they wrote in order to apply the logical fallacy of “begging the question” to spread their anti-Trump propaganda [emphasis added]:

For Democrats, there’s no small risk that Mr. Biden could decline noticeably in the 19 months until Election Day in 2024. In that event, voters on the fence could swing toward a Republican nominee who can at least meet the rigors of the office. Yes, even Donald Trump.

Mr. Biden may believe he’s the only Democrat who could beat Mr. Trump, but many others also could. And what if Republicans nominate someone else? GOP voters could decide they don’t want to repeat 2020, and a younger GOP nominee would have an advantage over Mr. Biden as the more vigorous candidate of generational change. A younger Democrat would have a comparable edge over Mr. Trump.

If Mr. Biden ignores all this and does run again, then some prominent Democrat would do the country a service by running against him in the primaries. The polls show that Democratic voters want another candidate. At this moment of great economic and strategic challenge, the United States needs a better presidential choice in 2024 than a redo of Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump.

The WSJ Editorial Board doesn’t like Trump. They disguised a hit piece against him as a hit piece against Biden so Republicans would be duped into reading and even sharing it. They’re subtly planting seeds that someone other than Trump needs to be the nominee. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so mediocre.