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Woke Walmart Pulls Ads From Twitter While Continuing to Promote Heinous Acts Against Children

Retail juggernaut Walmart has joined Disney and other woke companies in pulling the ads from Twitter over Elon Musk’s posts. But like all the other woke companies trying to punish the billionaire, they have no problem advertising on platforms that are truly trying to destroy America.

Robbie Starbuck posted some quick facts about the company and the heinous acts they promote against children. As he noted on Twitter:

Walmart has pulled all advertising from X. We’re witnessing a full scale hit job to blackmail @elonmusk. Now’s a good time for everyone to share and get familiar with what these companies support. Did you know Walmart gives big $ to groups supporting sex changes for kids? Oh and @Walmart has a perfect corporate equality index (CEI) score which requires you to support all gender transitions.

Additionally, the Walton family that became billionaires off of Walmart have helped fund drag shows for kids. I bet a lot of red state Walmart shoppers aren’t aware of that. It’s a bold move to attack the free speech platform your top customer demographic uses right before Christmas. Time to spread the word!

Once again, freedom-loving patriots need to make some hard choices. Are we willing to support companies that oppose the God-given freedoms we strive to protect? I haven’t shopped at Walmart in over a decade but if I could boycott them even more, I would.