Dorsey Kennedy

Woke Twitter Co-Founder Jack Dorsey Bucks Democrat Diktats, Backs RFK Jr to Beat Donald Trump

Jack Dorsey is one of the biggest reasons Joe Biden is in the White House. His ruling over Twitter included presiding during the infamous Hunter Biden laptop suppression in which the NY Post bombshell was censored less than a month before Election Day, 2020.

But his allegiances have switched. He’s no longer doing the DNC’s bidding… at least it doesn’t appear he is. Instead of backing their boy, Dorsey appears to be backing his main rival for the Democrat nomination. And it appears he’s confident the general election matchup will be Robert F. Kennedy Jr versus Donald Trump.

“He can and will,” Tweeted Dorsey while linking to a video of RFK Jr. claiming he can beat Donald Trump.

Is it a real break from the DNC? Is Dorsey playing controlled opposition for now until the right moment? Is he just a true fan of Kennedy’s? We’ll see how it plays out.