Woke Marxism Infects U.S. Soccer Federation With Equal Pay for Men and Women Despite Very Unequal Financial Results

Women’s professional soccer is nowhere near the draw for fans or revenue compared to men’s professional soccer, but in our “woke” society in which “equity” overrules common sense or capitalism, facts simply no longer matter. Female soccer players will receive the same money as male soccer players from FIFA prize money thanks to new rules imposed by the U.S. Soccer Federation.

According to Kiro7:

The U.S. Soccer Federation announced separate collective bargaining agreements with the unions for both the men’s and women’s national teams that are in effect through December 2028, The Associated Press reported.

The men’s agreement had expired in December 2018 while the women’s expired at the end of March but they continued to hold discussions after the federation and the players settled a gender discrimination lawsuit filed by some players in 2019. The settlement required that all sides would agree to contracts that would equalize pay and bonuses.

The biggest point of contention was the prize money won from the World Cup. The payout is based on how far a team advances. The women won back-to-back World Cup titles but differences in FIFA prize money meant they received less money than the male winners.

Now the FIFA prize money will be pooled for the Men’s World Cup in 2022 and the Women’s World Cup in 2023 and again in 2026 and 2027.

The men’s team will be playing in the World Cup starting Nov. 21 in Qatar, The New York Times reported. Each player will get the same payout from the pooled funds after the federation takes its cut.

There’s a reason male sports generally have higher pay and higher prize money for events. They generate more revenue. That is not to downplay the effort or skills of female players, but they simply do not draw as many paying fans, sponsorships, or endorsements as their male counterparts.

The tenets of capitalism make pay generally contingent on results. The tenets of woke Marxism tell us results are not as important as equity. In the United States, the latter illogical often wins over tried and true capitalism.