Dan Price

Woke Gravity Payments CEO That Leftists Adore Charged With Sexual Assault

What is it about propped up icons from the left getting in trouble for sexual crimes? At least with Gravity Payments CEO Dan Price, he’s accused of trying to rape an adult woman, so at least he’s not going after kids like so many idols of the woke.

According to MyNorthwest:

Dan Price, Gravity Payments’ CEO who has drawn national attention to company-wide wage discrepancies by raising his employees’ minimum salaries to $70,000, has been charged with two counts of fourth-degree assault and one count of reckless driving in Seattle Municipal Court. The charges stem from an alleged assault with sexual motivation.

Price is also being investigated for “felony rape of a drugged victim” charges stemming from a Palm Springs incident in April of 2021, according to a Palm Springs Police Department report. That case will be referred to the Riverside County District Attorney’s Office “in the near future,” a spokesperson for the Palm Springs Police Department tells MyNorthwest. The district attorney was not able to confirm if charges will be ultimately brought against Price, according to a spokesperson.

In this latest instance, Seattle police records say that Price had agreed to meet a woman at a downtown restaurant on January 20. Price allegedly became intoxicated at the restaurant. While the victim was hailing an Uber, Price was said to have offered to let her wait for a ride in his own vehicle.

At that time, Price reportedly made a sexual advance, at which point “she pushed him away and then he grabbed her throat,” the police report reads.

The report goes on to describe how Price drove off with the woman still in the car. They arrived at the Northgate park and ride, at which point Price began “doing donuts in the top parking lot.”

Price then allegedly “tried kissing her again … after she pushed him away the second time, he grabbed her throat again and was pulsing his hand for minutes.”

Price was supposed to be the model for woke capital heralded by everyone on the left from politicians to Antifa thugs. But they may want to try to pick their paragons of goodness with a little more care.