Woke Chipotle Pushes Drag Queen Burritos to Gather Donations for Cultural Marxist Groups

Woke Chipotle Pushes Drag Queen Burritos to Gather Donations for Cultural Marxist Groups

Many conservatives have grown accustomed to doing business with companies that are at least a little “woke.” It’s hard to go about our daily business without running into such companies, which seemingly is most of them these days. Still, there are some of us who refuse to do business with any company that is not at least politically and culturally neutral and we actively seek out companies that are truly patriotic in nature such as MyPillow (promo code “TLD” for those asking).

But whether wokeness in companies is just an annoyance or something for you to avoid at all costs, there are those companies that everyone who loves America should avoid. Such a company revealed itself today by holding “Drag Lunch Featuring Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, and Gottmik.” That company is Chipotle and they’re using their company to not only promote sexually depraved versions of Cultural Marxism, but to then use the money we spend with them to advance radical progressive causes.

To say that it was “revealed” today is anecdotal; some of the people I talked to about it were completely unaware like me and others were already in the know. Apparently, the fresh fast food chain has been woke for a while and they simply stayed under my radar until now.

Chipotle 1

The “Drag Lunch” featured three LGBTQ+ icons: Trixie Mattel, Kim Chi, and Gottmik. All are famous drag queens. Chipotle had them on today to “perform comedic bits, showcase their Chipotle-fied looks, and more.” They then featured special menu items, the purchases of which helped three radical causes:

  • Trans Lifeline
  • The Human Rights Campaign

To be clear, I’m not opposed to drag queens directly. In America, if a man wants to dress up like a woman and walk around in public, I hold them in the same regard as seeing someone dressing up as a walrus or tattooed head-to-toe in satanic symbols. I may disagree with their lifestyle and public displays of depravity, but it’s their right as Americans and I will defend it. However, what we’ve seen in recent years is militant Cultural Marxism. They’re not just walking around minding their own business. They’re aggressively pushing their lifestyle onto impressionable children and using their platforms to tear down the conservative, Judeo-Christian philosophies upon which our nation was built.

Chipotle 2

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Chipotle’s choice to render massive aid that will be used to annihilate American exceptionalism is not acceptable. “Woke” companies must be shown that attempting to destroy America’s foundation is not a good business practice.