Barnes & Noble

Woke Brand Alert: Barnes & Noble Is Coming After Your Kids

Another day, another corporate retail brand embraces the DEI-driven wokeness of the LBGTQIA+ Supremacy agenda. This time, it’s bookseller Barnes & Noble, a company that has displayed woke tendencies for years. Now, according to LibsOfTikTok, they’re not holding back.

This is what you see in almost every Barnes & Noble store. When they say “We’re coming for your kids,” they’re not kidding.

The presence of an child indoctrination book at a bookstore is nothing new. Any major book retailer that has a children’s section will have these types of brainwashing books mixed in. But Barnes & Noble has made it a priority to not only display these books in their own section, but to make it prominent in just about every store in America.

We cannot stop the radicals who take their kids to drag shows or push them to switch genders before Kindergarten, but we can strive to classify both pervert freak shows and genital mutilation as activities or adults only. In the same vein, we cannot prevent retailers from carrying indoctrination materials, but we can punish them by withholding our money when they actively and aggressively promote the brainwashing.

It’s time to buy books from companies that aren’t trying to confuse children or empower woke parents with brainwashing materials. Boycott Barnes & Noble.

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